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Indulge In Scrumptious Biryani Experience!
Welcome to the world of biryani where golden and saffron basmati rice, exotic spices and other hand-picked ingredients are cooked most magnificently. The flavourful biryani is cooked to perfection to give the ultimate feel in the first bite.

Our Menu

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Paneer thadka
Paneer Tadka
Fresh paneer marinated in creamy yoghurt, tossed with fiery chillies, aromatic..
Chicken 65
Chicken 65
Tender boneless chicken pieces marinated and tossed with authentic…
Apollo fish
Apollo Fish
Delicious Murrel boneless fish, fried and marinated in a blend of curry leaves, spicy…
Spicy fish fry
Spicy Fish Fry
Fresh boneless murrel fish marinated in a blend of aromatic spices…
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MAIN Course
Afghani chicken
Afghani Chicken
Tender boneless chicken is marinated in a creamy gravy, enriched with..
Nawabi murg
Nawabi Chicken
Tender pieces of roasted kalmi kebab are bathed in a buttery yellow gravy..
Nizami veg handi
Nizami Veg Curry
This luxurious curry boasts a creamy richness that is perfectly balanced…
Egg roast curry or Mutta roast gravy hot and spicy dish popular
Ande ka Salan
Boiled eggs are added to a chicken gravy , where they absorb the flavors..
Fresh Taste Buds
Biryani Bowls
PBM bowl
Paneer Butter Masala Biryani Bowl
Soft paneer cubes are delicately blended with a rich butter…
Mumatz Biryani Bowl
Mumtaz Biryani Bowl
Try our unique tandoori chicken biryani tender tandoori chicken and saffron dum…
Jehangi Biryani Bowl
Jehangir Biryani Bowl
Savor the heavenly taste of our Jehangir Biryani – Murg Kalmi kebab…
Prawns bowl
Prawns Biryani Bowl
Experience the divine taste of prawns infused with exotic spices in our…

Our Menu

Top Rated Dishes


A Biryani handi with rice, spices and meat is an absolute meal. Be it an informal gathering or formal meeting, each handi of this traditional and evergreen dish is enough to suffice. 10Biryanis has a unique Party orders menu of exotic biryanis that is cooked to perfection to give the ultimate feel in the first bite. Lovers of Biryani swear by its extraordinary taste.
Do Gosht Biryani
Savor the exquisite taste of our Signature Do Gosh Biryani – tender boneless mutton and kheema perfectly tossed with aromatic spices and….
Chicken 65 Biryani
Experience the ultimate culinary delight with our Chicken 65 Biryani, made with tender boneless chicken pieces and aromatic …
Mumtaz Biryani Bowl
Try our unique tandoori chicken biryani tender tandoori chicken and saffron dum basmati rice blended with spices, garnished with…
Kandhari Chicken
Indulge in the succulent flavors of tender boneless chicken that have been tossed in a special kandhari masala and cooked to perfection…
Our vision
10Biryanis will be focusing on taking the happiness handis to newer cities and will expand in upcoming years. The vision is to become a brand of taste and connect to customers so that when he thinks of Biryani, he thinks 10Biryanis.
We have adopted the cloud-based kitchen service to satisfy your food requirements and connect the demand for biryani with supply.
What makes our biryani extra special?
Feast on the most detectable and flavourful biryani with an taste from chefs from Hyderabad. 10Biryanis adds caramelized onions with accurate spices and herbs to enhance the deliciousness. The brand provides the highest quality ingredients, most stringent quality checks and recipes for preparing biryani.

10Biryanis has experienced chefs from Hyderabad who maintain the flavour of the traditional dishes. The aspiration is to serve people with the most flavour of Hyderabad.

From 11:00am to 10:00pm


Artfully traditional cooking style

Every order is separately cooked in traditional style in clay handis and is delivered the same to the customers in just an hour. The taste and quality of the dishes are maintained by cooking royal biryanis with that unique smokey flavour for you. It is cooked slowly to perfection to balance the ingredients most exotically.

10Biryanis- biryani from the land of Hyderabad, combining the flavour of Hyderabadi and Mughlai cuisines. The larger goal is to fascinate its customers with the most promising flavour and experience.

Biryani - A comfort food!
“Biryani is not just food. It’s an emotion for many…..” this is what steers our passion in the cooking of a perfect meal ‘Biryani’. Precautions, expertise and years of experience are involved to prepare Biryani that can be felt in the first bite itself. The precision with which every handi is prepared is enough to maintain the freshness of food until it reaches your stomach. To make the process more traditional, the hand (earthen pots) are used to excite the customers.

From Our Customers

Dum to biryani = happiness to your taste buds
10Biryanis provides value for money. This is sufficient to please your stomach with lip-smacking food. In India where food speaks emotions, it is not easy to leave an impression with food. But 10Biryanis have successfully designed the dishes to revive your taste buds. The menu has dishes for every mood and is a value for your hard-earned money. You will get your desires fulfilled by indulging in delectable biryani.