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Cloud Kitchen

We are a cloud kitchen-based service, that is purposely built to cook food, particularly for delivery. Our menu items are optimized for the reliability of food quality upon delivery and ease of production. We are all set and designed to get food to the customer’s doorstep as soon as possible.

Freshly Cooked Food

10Biryanis follow authentic recipes for every order. Our freshly cooked biryani is loaded with the most refreshing food experience. We prepare each order with love, exactly like traditional methods. This ensures that each strand of rice has that unique flavour that you crave for.

Highest Quality Spices

The right blend of spices is what adds flavour to Biryani. We add a dash of extra flavour to the cuisines with premium quality spices. All the spices, rice and ingredients that we use are hand-picked by our team. Using the best quality ingredients, along with our proprietary packaging method, we can deliver authentic cuisine right at your doorstep.

Customer Satisfaction

At the core of our deepest belief is our commitment to customer satisfaction. We adhere to hygiene standards. Whatever you are ordering from 10Biryanis, you are getting a cuisine that is good for you!

Contactless Delivery Option

10biryanis is open to serving you with a contactless delivery option for all your orders. Safe & Hygienic, untouched by hands.